Temperature controlled delivery vehicles

If you are in the restaurant or food delivery business, you understand the importance of having a precisely refrigerated van.  Whether you transport produce, meats, or frozen goods, these products can get contaminated if not properly handled.  Its important that your vehicles are equipped with the most powerful and dependable cooling systems available.

Thermo King T-600RFor this very reason, ReeferTek utilizes components from Thermo King.  Thermo King provides industry leading performance in truck refrigeration. There are no risks, because each and every refrigerated van is backed by a complete three year warranty!

Key Points:

  • Standard Whisper™ package and optimized refrigeration system deliver leading noise performance
  • TSR-2 control system: making it easy for drivers to accurately manage the temperature in the truck
  • Advanced Drive System to reduce maintenance costs and increase drive belt life

If your business is dependent on the successful and consistent delivery of refrigerated goods, trust ReeferTek for all of your vehicles.  For complete details on our products and services, please contact us.

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