ReeferTek USA Introduces New Van Conversion to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Refrigerated Van ConversionFort Lauderdale, FL, January 18, 2019 – ReeferTek USA, a national manufacturer of refrigerated vans, has introduced a revolutionary manufacturing process which minimizes total vehicle weight. Using innovative technology, lighter materials, and a proprietary production process, ReeferTek is able to reduce the conversion weight by 23.6%. A lighter vehicle consumes less fuel and in doing so saves money.

“This is a major milestone in the refrigerated van industry,” said Michael Leibman, President of ReeferTek USA. “A lighter weight van allows customers to increase their load capacity and deliver more products. It’s all about efficiency and cost savings. Not only are the vans lighter, they are stronger and more durable than competitive vehicles on the market. A lot of research and development went into this product.  We’ve listened to feedback from customers and integrated their requests into these eco-friendly refrigerated vans. “

ReeferTek developed this technology in their newest location in Oakland Park, Florida. “South Florida is the perfect market to introduce these vehicles” added Leibman. “The climate and traffic congestion will allow customers to immediately benefit from the additional load capacity and improved fuel-efficiency.” This proprietary production process can also be applied to the conversion of dry truck bodies to reefer bodies with the same fuel saving benefits.

These new refrigerated van products include a seamless interior, anti-microbial liners, spray foam insulation, LED lighting and a number of customizable options including adjustable shelves, straps, curtains, van wraps, reefer units and more. All make and model cargo vans are available immediately for refrigerated conversion through ReeferTek USA.