ReeferTek USA Introduces Electric Refrigeration Units

ReeferTek USA, a national manufacturer of refrigerated vans, is introducing a full line of electric refrigeration units. Refrigeration systems are available in various capacities for maintaining storage temperatures from +50° F to -5° F in 12V or 24V. The electric refrigeration units run on a rechargeable battery and have the convenient option for electric standby. Not only are these electric units eco-friendly, some vehicles (ie. Mercedes-Benz Metris) require electric refrigeration units during conversion.

“These electric refrigeration units are a win-win solution” said Michael Leibman, President of ReeferTek USA. “There are a lot of reasons we evaluated and approved these products. First of all – they are more energy efficient. The units are designed to consume less vehicle resources than traditional cooling units. More importantly, these models can maintain colder temperatures than other electric systems. With the variety of options, consumers can transport any type of frozen products, meats, dairy, produce, etc. Furthermore, these units are more economical than other cooling units on the market. When all of these features are combined, it’s a perfect value proposition. It’s really a no-brainer. We strive to offer our customers the best products and solutions in the industry.”

ReeferTek plans to have these electric refrigeration units available beginning July 2018. ReeferTek will also be introducing dual compartment refrigeration units later this year.

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