Ford Transit Specifications

Ford Transit Cargo Specifications

Configure a Ford Transit Cargo Van with the combination of load floor length and height for the cargo volume/payload or passenger capacity you need. The Ford Transit is designed for capability and flexibility – and engineered to Built Ford Tough standards for durability. ReeferTek USA will help you design and build the perfect Transit Refrigerated Van for your business. All of your vehicles are backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty. Contact us to get started.

Ford Transit Specs


Interior Van Dimensions
Wheelbase Medium Medium Long Long Long Long Extended
Roof (Low, Medium, High) Low Medium Low Medium High High
Passenger Capacity 2 2 2 2 2 2
Cargo Length Front (at Floor) 126.0 126.0 143.7 143.7 143.7 172.2
Cargo Length Front (at Belt) 115.9 115.9 133.6 133.6 133.6 162.0
Cargo Width Between Wheelhouse (SRW/DRW) 54.8 54.8 54.8 54.8 54.8 54.8/45.4
Cargo Height Maximum 56.9 72.0 56.9 72.0 81.5 81.5

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