Manufacturer of cool vans opens custom conversion shop

Custom refrigerated vans by reefertekA local manufacturer of refrigeration units for vans that transport food is bringing jobs to Hunts Point as well as safer and healthier food.

Michael Leibman, the owner of ReeferTek along with a silent partner said the company has created new jobs with the opening of the custom conversion sop that installs refrigeration units on vans and trucks that transfer food from commercial food markets to retail locations.

“Any food businsss must have refrigerated transport trucks according to the law,” Leibman said.  “Yet many people will just buy a vehicle, go to a market, like the Hunts Point markets, and load meat, fish and vegetables into the back of a van without any insulation or cooling, except maybe some ice.”

He said he has also witnesses food retailers who deliver food to their stores in the back of their own personal vehicles, which not only violates the law, but also potentially contributes to hazardous health issues.

On the other hand, ReeferTek builds custom refrigerated insulation of commercial trucks and vans of all sizes through what will soon be a patented process.

“We service the food industry and our quality and state-of-the-art products, which provide the right kinds of temperatures for food delivery companies,” Leibman said.  “The cost is 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of the vehicle, but since the vehicles then meet all FDA requirements, it increases its resale value and holds value.”

ReeferTek, which installs its refrigeration units on the tops of vans and trucks using Thermo King refrigeration products, is creating much needed manufacturing jobs for the borough, Leibman said.

“The whole country is crying out that there is no manufacturing going on in America these days, but that is what we are doing here,” Leibman said.  “Small entrepreneurs are starting businesses and are hiring people right under our noses.”

“The business owners who take the time and absorb the cost to have the proper refrigeration units installed on their vehicles, like customer Pasta Resources of New York, NY, and many other, are doing the right thing by their customers even though competitors may not be following FDA regulations to the letter of the law,” Leibman said.

“The people who come to me are people in the food business who want to do the right thing,” Leibman said. “By law, trucks that transport food must have refrigerated units.”

For more information on ReeferTek, visit their website at or call the sales department at 855.534.2626.

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