Electric Standby for Refrigerated Vans

Electric Standby Refrigeration UnitWith the explosion in home delivery vehicles on the market, it’s important to understand the benefit of electric standby for refrigerated vans.

Precision controlled temperatures in refrigerated vans and home delivery vehicles is a necessity. Extended delivery routes, overnight storage and unexpected schedule changes can all impact the goods a business is transporting. This can put added added strain on the refrigeration unit. ReeferTek USA encourages electric standby options for vehicles that meet these conditions. Electric mode operation reduces emissions, noise and fuel consumption, and it prolongs the life of the refrigeration unit.

Electric standby refrigeration uses an external electricity source and electric motor to maintain the internal temperature of the trailer during extended stops or to pre-cool the trailer prior to loading – thereby reducing the cooling energy required on vehicle start-up.

Plug-in electric standby or shore power on a refrigerated van allows the unit to continue operating on the electric power grid when the vehicle is stopped and switched off. A separate electric motor and compressor allows the reefer to operate from 110v – 230v, One phase, 60HZ. This option is best suited for applications that require the cargo to be cooled even when vehicle is stationary.  It’s best to have this feature installed with the van conversion.

For more details on standby electric power for your refrigerated van or home delivery vehicle, please contact ReeferTek USA.