Choosing the Best Refrigerated Van for Your Business

Choosing the best refrigerated van can be an important decision for the success of your business. Not all reefer vans and trucks are built the same.

Choosing the Best Refrigerated Van for Your Business

The first step is to determine the types of products you will be transporting. If you’ll be shipping frozen goods, you’ll need thicker van insulation and a more powerful cooling unit. If you’ll be delivering flowers, you could use less insulation and a more economical refrigeration unit. In some cases, businesses need mixed storage – they’ll be transporting frozen foods, produce and dry goods. In these instances, you’ll want to carefully design the interior of the vehicle to maximize storage and accessibility.

Are you converting a new cargo van, used cargo van or purchasing an existing refrigerated van?  These are all questions to consider. There are advantages to each option – it depends on customer needs, priorities, time and budget.

FDA Compliance

Do the products being shipped need precision temperatures? The FDA finalized its new food safety rule in April 2016 to prevent food contamination during transportation. The rule requires those involved in transporting human and animal food – shippers, loaders, carriers and receivers – to follow best practices for sanitary transportation, such as properly refrigerating food, adequately cleaning vehicles between loads and properly protecting food during transportation.

There are also a variety of model options including wheelbase distance, cargo height, doors, and more. The types of products being transported and amount of storage required will typically determine which van size and height would be appropriate. There are endless combinations of van types, cooling units, insulation thickness, access doors, storage areas, shelves, etc. Fortunately, ReeferTek has established guidelines to help customers estimate their necessary storage capacity and ideal van model.

ReeferTek has an entire fleet of refrigerated vans for sale or ready to be customized with the features you need. In addition to the state-of-the-art seamless insulation lining and refrigeration unit, ReeferTek can install adjustable storage shelves, complete van wraps, diamond plating, mobile office space and more. No matter what your business is focused on, ReeferTek has your ideal home delivery/food delivery model for urban and suburban areas.

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