Coolest Vans We make the coolest vans in the industry.™ News We Set the Standards in Refrigerated Transportation ReeferTek Refrigerated Vans for over 20 Years 1997 2019 Revolutionizing the Refrigerated Van Industry for over 20 Years Lifetime Warranty ReeferTek Refrigerated Vans Custom Refrigerated Vans We make the coolest vans in the industry Ford Transit Refrigerated Van ReeferTek USA is the only company that will work with you on each step
of the process to ensure you have the ideal refrigerated van and most
comfortable working conditions for your personnel.
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RT Refrigerated Vans Rent a Refrigerated Van Long-Term and Short-Term Van Rentals Rent a Refrigerated Van anywhere in the United States
for any length of time through ReeferTek USA’s National
Refrigerated Van Rental Program.
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Become a ReeferTek Manufacturer Several regional opportunities are available Refrigerated Vans We have such a large demand for custom refrigerated vehicles that we are
looking for independent contract manufacturers to collaborate with us.
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ReeferTek is an independent, family-owned and operated manufacturer of refrigerated vans. We have provided exceptional products and services to a variety of industries for over 30 years. Our facilities enable us to manage all design, fabrication, customization, installation, and maintenance for your refrigerated vans.

ReeferTek USA is approved by all OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as a drop ship facility for complete refrigerated van conversion.

ReeferTek Dropship Codes for all OEM-Approved Refrigeration Conversions







All our conversions accommodate standard US and EU pallet sizes

We work with dealers across the country in providing state-of-the-art refrigerated vans. Our proprietary process utilizes the highest quality materials to ensure we deliver high performance vehicles. Please contact us today for more information.

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